3 Key Considerations for Navigating the Way, Together

When sales and marketing teams are in rhythm, it’s revenue gold. But getting to a place of alignment has always been a bit of an elusive goal post. Now, there’s even greater stress on how sales and marketing teams’ coordinate–like operating in a remote, unpredictable environment while still needing to meet ambitious numbers. It’s time for sales and marketing to make some bold moves from the front lines. So, what does that look like practically? How can sales and marketing leaders push their teams to create and maintain a buyer-aligned sales process and sales execution? In this ebook, we explore the following considerations and insights:     • Why you should get rid of a rigid, linear view of buyer engagement in the sales process      • How to operationalize the right data to benefit both sales and marketing      • What it means to truly build the (technology) bridge between sales and marketing Download your copy now to...

A New Way of Thinking: Real-time Enablement

It’s a struggle to coach and onboard sellers effectively at scale. This is not new for revenue organizations. But here’s the thing. The world of buying and selling has changed forever. So, it’s not enough to operate in the same way we always have. We must enable our sellers differently. The solution: It’s time to adopt and operationalize real-time enablement. What does that mean exactly? How does it change the way revenue teams operate? And can it deliver on its promise? Let’s find out. In this ebook, you will discover how real-time enablement fundamentally transforms the way: • Revenue teams onboard, train, and coach reps so they can become productive and close deals faster. • Buyers experience every interaction with improved conversations and follow-up. • Sales leaders coach reps with greater precision. • Sales and marketing teams align to keep deals moving in a quick-moving global market. Grab your copy now to learn more.

Real-time Enablement: Powering Faster Deal Cycles and Better Buyer Experiences

It’s a struggle to coach and onboard sellers effectively at scale. This is not new for revenue organizations. But here’s the thing. The world of buying and selling has changed forever. So, it’s not enough to operate in the same way we always have. We must enable our sellers differently. The solution: It’s time to adopt and operationalize real-time enablement. What does that mean exactly? How does it change the way revenue teams operate? And can it deliver on its promise? Let’s find out. In this ebook, you will discover how real-time enablement fundamentally transforms the way: • Revenue teams onboard, train, and coach reps so they can become productive and close deals faster. • Buyers experience every interaction with improved conversations and follow-up. • Sales leaders coach reps with greater precision. • Sales and marketing teams align to keep deals moving in a quick-moving global market. Grab your copy now to learn more.

3 Best Practices Every Revenue Leader Should Know About Coaching at Scale

Sales managers are under a ton of pressure. They’re overwhelmed by requests to support deals, join customer calls, coach reps, and pull together accurate reporting. They’re frustrated by the amount of time it takes to ramp up new sellers and to build efficient training processes. On top of that, they spend hours manually sorting through various dashboards trying to pinpoint areas for improvement. They need new ways to scale their coaching and business decisions. But how? In this ebook, you will discover three expert tips for coaching teams at scale focused on:     • Over-indexing and contextualizing data for greater insights     • Leaning into deep transparency to compete in today’s environment     • Investing in a thorough data strategy and sales tech stack to support it Grab your copy now to learn more.

How RevOps Leaders are Building Revenue Organizations of the Future

To say RevOps is a hot topic is an understatement. It’s transforming the sales industry as we know it. As revenue organizations reflect on the challenges behind us and how to position themselves for the future, RevOps is paving the path forward. But a successful strategy doesn’t happen by accident. It takes building a solid foundation with a few key elements to move into this new innovative space. So, what does this transformation look like — and how can you begin to implement it? In this ebook, you will discover how RevOps leaders are building revenue organizations of the future by:     • Building a centralized revenue operations model     • Aligning teams and operating under a single set of revenue metrics     • Streamlining tools and tech to leverage clean, insightful data Grab your copy now to learn more.

OPTIPLEX: Intelligence You Can Rely On

Introducing The New OptiPlex Family With flexible designs and built-in artificial intelligence, OptiPlex desktops are more intelligent than ever. The next generation of OptiPlex features smarter and faster desktops with proven reliability from the brand with 28 years of customer-led innovation. Download this brochure to know more about OptiPlex Family.

Dell Precision Product Portfolio

Dell Precision delivers versatile designs, intelligent performance and mission critical reliability to conquer the industry’s most demanding applications. Dell Precision Key Technologies     • Dell Optimizer for Precision     • High Performance Storage     • Dell Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) Pro     • Dell PremierColor for Precision     • Best-in-class Design and Experience     • Dell Pro-Support / Pro-Support Plus     • Partner Certification     • VR and AI Ready

DELL LATITUDE: The New Age of Intelligence

Work wherever and however you need with small, light and stylish laptops and 2-in-1s designed for mobility and productivity. Stay connected with industry\'s fastest wireless and LTE options, intelligent collaboration and privacy features, and a broad array of port and accessories to set up office anywhere. Ensure IT has proactive, predictive and automated solutions to deliver on the promise of a modern workday with Dell Technologies Unified Workspace. Featuring Dell Optimizer AI with Express features and Safe security solutions, Latitude continues to innovate as the world\'s most intelligent and secure commercial PCs.

Redefine Your Workspace

Help your employees reach their best potential with the right tools for the job The world of work is changing. It is more collaborative, fluid and dynamic than ever. With our Work Redefined solutions, we partner with you to build productive, trusted and safe environments. Our new way of working requires a facilitated and structured approach - for those working remotely and for those returning to workplaces. The workplace is rapidly evolving. Together we can make it more productive and resilient.

Shift-Left DevOps for Your APIs with Okta + JFrog

With Okta and JFrog, strengthen your shift-left DevSecOps strategy by validating the security of your application’s REST API endpoints before you release to production and to your customers. Learn how you can use Okta and JFrog to automate the validation of your authentication and authorization policies for your REST APIs.

OAuth for Game and XR Developers

With constantly increasing demand for interconnected experiences in gaming, growing reliance on cloud based backend solutions, and the increased collection of player data occurring as players become the product, security has become paramount for game developers. In this talk, we will deep dive into how game and XR developers can balance experience and security using the security best practice standard OAuth. We will discuss the basics of OAuth, designing experiences for different target platforms, and using a player’s authorization to interact with other cloud based backend solutions.

Auth for IOT: Securing Your Smart Home

Have you moved into a new house and want to automate *all the things*? Sounds pretty cool, right? Just one tiny concern: how secure is it to use “smart home” devices? The world of IoT (Internet of Things) has so many options to choose from but very little guidance about how secure they are, and how you as a developer can prevent unauthorized access. In this session, we will go over what you can do with existing platforms like Alexa and roll your own DIY projects to lock down who can use them – YOU.

OAuth: Past, Present, and Future

OAuth is the foundation of most of modern online security, used everywhere from signing in to mobile apps to protecting your bank accounts. Despite its ubiquity, there are still many misconceptions about OAuth and OpenID Connect in the wild. In this session you’ll learn about the background and original motivations that drove the creation of OAuth, how OAuth and OpenID Connect are used today to provide secure online experiences, as well as the latest developments and future work within the OAuth and OpenID Connect communities.

2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center

Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant on the CRM Customer Service Center has recognized Freshworks as a ’Visionary’ for our cloud-based omnichannel customer service platform, Freshdesk. This is our sixth consecutive year on the quadrant and the second time as its ONLY Visionary. We believe that this recognition underlines our success in helping customers establish digital-first customer service in response to the pandemic-led evolution in consumer behavior and expectations. We also believe that our intuitive user-first approach to product development, powerful native AI engine and ability to enrich omnichannel support with rich customer context have helped us expand our presence among midmarket and enterprise companies. We’re pleased to share a complimentary copy of the complete report where you can find Gartner’s take on the current CEC ecosystem and key considerations for businesses looking to implement CRM and CEC technologies.

Higher Ed – Charitable Giving Report

From a global pandemic to economic uncertainty to wildfires and other natural disasters, 2020 may be a year we all wish to forget. However, higher education institutions should look to the horizon while reflecting on the many adaptations that helped them weather the storm during a year like no other. Tracking over $40 billion in U.S.-based charitable giving from the Blackbaud Institute Index, the 2020 Charitable Giving Report is one of the most credible resources on fundraising performance in the social good community. Continue reading this spotlight to explore overall, online, and monthly giving trends in higher education as well as commentary on perseverance and resilience among institutions from Sue Cunningham, president and CEO of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. Download your copy today!

Caught In the Middle: Providing Streamlined, Digital Experiences That Meet Operational and Regulatory Requirements

​Banks have rushed to offer new digital services in recent months as customers have clamored to do more business with less face to-face contact. But for many institutions, that’s meant cobbling together stop-gap solutions on top of dated technology – resulting in a situation that isn’t ideal for regulators, your customers or your own operations. The result is frustration for all. In our latest webinar, our panel of experts will explore what you need to do to create a solution that works for everyone involved. They’ll explore how you can give customers the services they want, regulators the information they need and your team the valuable work that keeps them engaged. You’ll learn:

Data Mesh: Delivering Data-Driven Value at Scale

Early Access to Pre-Release Chapters Many enterprises are investing in a next-generation data lake, hoping to democratize data at scale to provide business insights and ultimately make automated intelligent decisions. In this practical book, author Zhamak Dehghani reveals that, despite the time, money, and effort poured into them, data warehouses and data lakes fail when applied at the scale and speed of today’s organizations. A distributed Data Mesh is a better choice. This book shows you why and how.     • Examine the current data landscape from the perspective of business and organizational needs, environmental challenges, and existing architectures     • Analyze the landscape’s underlying characteristics and failure modes     • Get a complete introduction to Data Mesh principles and its constituents     • Learn how to design a Data Mesh architecture     • Move beyond a monolithic data lake to a distributed Data Mesh

Cloud Partner Checklist

In healthcare, regardless of whether you’re looking to bring your business into the cloud or you’re already there and have hit some bumps in the road, it’s important to choose the right partner to help. Use this list of the key questions you should ask before choosing a cloud services provider to help ensure that your partner of choice will efficiently help get you where you’re going — leveraging cloud to add both immediate and long-term value to your business.

Addressing Common Security Gaps Before You Get Audited

Healthcare data breaches are on the rise, and emerging technologies also pose new risks. Help better protect PHI by avoiding these common security gaps. Learn Steps to Better Protect PHI:     • Better understanding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act       (HIPAA) and the cloud     • Three Common Healthcare Cybersecurity Gaps to Avoid     • Key Considerations When Preparing for Your Security Risk Assessments       (SRA)

Ignite Your Innovation Engine: Technologies and Solutions that Help you Innovate, Adapt and Grow

Dell Technologies is announcing a portfolio of solutions designed to help you build an innovation engine. With Dell Technologies as your partner, you can forge ahead with solutions that help you rapidly adapt to evolving business demands and harness data from edge to core to cloud, leverage intelligence and automation to free IT for higher-value activities, and build in proactive resilience to protect against cyberthreats.

Dell Latitude 15 2-in-1 9510 – Exceptional Build Quality

Dell Latitude 9510 stands apart for its excellent features and ultra-premium design. This is said to be the most intelligent business PC but does it really fulfill expectations? We have done 20 days complete review of this premium PC to evaluate its performance. Watch this video to know all details about Dell Latitude 9510.

Media and Entertainment Use Cases

Dell provides dependable, professional grade tools that are essential to creating and delivering exceptional projects on schedule. Experience scalable technology designed to expand or contract with your complex projects Deliver breathtaking drawing and vector graphics that captivate your audience Tackle photorealistic and complicated visual effects, even in VR, with amazingly fast systems Discover the ultimate power and performance for the creation process, that puts you back in the driver’s seat Oversee the operations and management of the media company

Design Engineering, Architecture, And Manufacturing In The Modern Era

In modern times, change is the only constant. The design engineering, architecture, and manufacturing industries are all seeing paradigm shifts in how products and structures are being developed and built. Advances in simulation and analysis, digital twins and generative design are enabling new design paradigms. Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Photo-Realistic visualization are enhancing design and collaboration. Integrated design, additive manufacturing and IoT technologies are driving ever-increasing product complexities. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is driving better design and manageability of projects. If you are producing or planning to produce interactive and new-dimensional content for these industries, or companies serving them, you should be prepared to look at your toolsets and review the way you work.

Artificial Intelligence Workstation Use Cases

Dell provides dependable, professional grade tools that are essential to delivering Artificial Intelligence initiatives on schedule, and on your terms. A Dell Precision 7920 Tower workstation will provide ultimate scalability and performance for your analytics and AI initiatives. Dell delivers data scientists a comprehensive hardware solution that’s been optimized to run the latest AI software, including the Data Science Workstation (DSW) software suite that can be downloaded and installed with ease.

Rethink Change Key Education Influencer Perspectives

We’re getting pretty good at expecting the unexpected these days, putting our growth mindsets to the test nearly every day. At Blackbaud, we’ve been inspired by the K–12 school communities we serve as we’ve helped them navigate through unprecedented challenges and emerge with renewed purpose and energy. We’ve taken this opportunity to gather some of the leading voices in K–12 education for their perspectives on how schools can and should rethink change to advance their institutions, from approaching technology adoption to grappling with some of the most challenging social issues of the day.

Data Driven Fundraising eBook

Private schools have experienced dramatic shifts in how they operate during the pandemic pivoting to distance and hybrid learning. But in addition to adjusting to how the classroom functions, schools have also had to adapt with how they engage their communities with fundraisers. In this ebook we assess how K-12 private schools can implement a strategic fundraising model that covers:     • Implementation of virtual programs.     • Understanding and analyzing historical fundraising data.     • How to evaluate your school\'s readiness for a data-driven fundraising approach. Download your free copy today.

BBI Charitable Giving Report

The 2020 Charitable Giving Report explores giving trends in one of the most transformational years the social good sector has seen. The report leverages the largest data set of giving and donor trends to help social good organizations understand the past and prepare for the future with resources to create informed strategies. Download the report to access findings based on giving data from 8,833 nonprofit organizations totaling $40.7 billion in fundraising revenue across North America.

The Change Makers

How to unleash IT transformation Burdened by legacy ITSM technology, companies are struggling to work efficiently. Their inadequate tech is hurting productivity, tying up resources, and frustrating both agents and employees. While IT leaders aren’t blind to the problem, change remains elusive. Instead of risking stability and performance by switching to an unknown alternative, many leaders stick with their known incumbent. But it doesn’t have to stay this way. Meet The Change Makers, a new generation of IT leaders, challenging the status quo and transforming the ITSM landscape. What did they do differently? How did they orchestrate IT transformations at speed and at scale? This ebook shares valuable insights into their journeys, from revealing intricate plans to unique executions of complex IT transformations. Apply some of these bright, bold ideas in your organization. Download the Ebook for :     • Tips to accelerating IT transformations     • Insights to cultivating cultures of continuous improvement     • Proven frameworks for...

Higher Education Community Report for Advancement

This report shares significant analysis of higher education fundraising trends, donor insights and best practices to improve organizational effectiveness. It was generated from over 170 million donor data transactions collected nightly from colleges and universities of all sizes across the U.S. that are part of the Community for Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management™. See how your institution compares!

Igniting Innovation With Poweredge Server Solutions

In this digital economy, organizations are looking to technology as a competitive differentiator in driving higher engagement with customers, enabling new business models and staying ahead of the competition. CIOs are at the core of the transformation agenda, balancing between operational efficiency and forward-thinking projects. In both instances, servers are the bedrock of the modern software-defined data center and the key to building a flexible, efficient and cloud-enabled infrastructure. Dell EMC PowerEdge servers deliver a worry-free infrastructure that is secure and scalable, with no compromises.

Shift Digital Transformation Into High Gear

Adaptive compute that powers your innovation engine Building an IT infrastructure that acts as an innovation engine is the key to winning with digital transformation. Because, digital transformation isn\'t a race to the finish line. It\'s a race of endurance and agility. How to put your infrastructure into overdrive? With an adaptable, scalable innovation engine as your IT foundation, you can be ready to drive the business forward at full speed - no matter the destination. Dell Technologies understands that the opportunities of the digital era are counterbalanced by the demands on IT resources. Download this whitepaper to understand how Dell EMC PowerEdge can power your innovation engine that shifts your business into overdrive.

Adopting a DevSecOps Approach for Modern Apps

Are you on a path to modernize the way you build, deliver and manage applications and services? If so, you also need to modernize the way you think about and practice security, governance and compliance. Here is a short list of recommended security practices, roughly ordered to align to the stages of the container lifecycle—from code to customer.

Best Practices for Container Security

Container adoption is increasing, and security must come along for the ride. Organizations value the scalability and agility that containers offer, but containers introduce new security challenges that can\'t be addressed with traditional tooling. To be successful, security pros must change their mindset about containers: They\'re not VMs or hosts. Security leaders should read this report to discover technical and non-technical best practices that they can adopt to protect their containerized application environments.

PreScreen Best Practices

Lenders today are under pressure to balance a competitive market with high consumer expectations. To maximize responses and quickly grow revenue, lenders first need to know how to identify relevant consumer profiles and deliver tailored offers that will resonate. Using custom prescreen solutions can give lenders the insights necessary to drive more effective marketing campaigns and instantly qualify customers. Find out how to:       • Use technology and automation to drive effective campaigns       • Employ more insightful credit attributes to personalize offers       • Optimize offers using a non-disruptive customer experience       • Avoid over-engineering prescreen criteria

Safely Return to New Lending: Strategies to Find, Acquire and Engage Consumers

As the US begins to rebound from the COVID-19 crisis, lenders are preparing to re-enter acquisition mode — but finding and acquiring new customers will take the right insights and approach. To drive safe growth in a competitive market, lenders need refreshed acquisition methods that will succeed post-pandemic. In order to increase originations while protecting against risk, lenders adjusting their acquisition efforts should adopt certain strategies, including: • Gaining a better understanding of the pandemic’s permanent impact on consumer preferences and financial situations • Refreshing direct mail strategies to increase engagement and demand • Applying a multichannel digital approach to reach a wider audience

2021 Q3 Personal Lines INS Shopping Report

As insurers consider the impacts of an economic downturn, understanding consumers’ insurance shopping habits is key to protecting profits. Each quarter, TransUnion analysts closely monitor personal lines insurance shopping to provide a more complete view of insurance shoppers and help insurers serve their customers through any market conditions. Did auto insurance shopping remain soft or strengthen through Q2? And what factors are driving the trends now and in the near term? The answers can be found in our personal lines insurance shopping report. Our report offers exclusive information on relevant topics, such as: • What data underlie auto insurance shopping’s trends? • What’s driving the dramatic reversal in shopping frequency between risk levels? • Changing habits of different age groups and which generation leads shopping activity

Executive Brief: Inside the Dark Web

Only 42% of companies are actively monitoring the dark web for threats. That is a surprisingly low number when so many threat actors are planning their next attack on the dark web. If your organization isn’t monitoring the dark web, you could be missing out on important information regarding your security. However, monitoring the dark web requires a large investment in monitoring tools and human expertise, or a security intelligence service provider that can give you real-time information to make important decisions to protect your organization. In our latest executive brief we take a deep dive on the dark web. Read this brief to learn: • More about the dark web itself • Six common ways threat actors use the dark web • How to leverage dark web insights to monitor vendor risk • The best practices for building a dark web roadmap

Guide to Developing a Center for Process Excellence

Seldom do businesses treat processes as key knowledge assets and even more rare is the sighting of a process center of excellence. Traditionally, process improvement was the remit of a small team of consultants, not nearly enough to effect positive impact within an enterprise organization. Nintex’s eBook, “Guide to Developing a Center for Process Excellence,” highlights the importance of process mapping and offers practical steps to establishing a center of process excellence. Download this eBook to: • Learn why it is important to establish a process center of excellence • Understand why process mapping is everyone’s job • Make process culture a part of your organization’s DNA

Digital transformation’s unsung but essential ingredient: Process Governance

Process governance can function as the “mission control” center for big, complex, and strategically vital digital transformations designed to help companies reimagine their futures, automate their operations, and optimize their business outcomes. By carefully mapping out and coordinating all those moving parts—including the elements that don’t exist yet because they’re the intended outputs of the ongoing digital transformation—companies can: • Reduce risks dramatically • Build new visibility and insights • Devote more time and energy to customers • Accelerate operations • Increase the chances that their digital transformations will drive superior business outcomes

Sneller zakendoen dankzij de DocuSign Agreement Cloud

Overeenkomsten zijn onmisbaar als je zaken wilt doen. Bij veel organisaties is de afhandeling van overeenkomsten echter nog altijd een handmatig en losstaand proces dat leidt tot onnodige fouten, vertragingen en frustraties. Zou het daarom niet fijn zijn als overeenkomsten sneller, eenvoudiger en voordeliger tot stand zouden komen? In dit eBook legt DocuSign uit hoe je met de DocuSign Agreement Cloud de afhandeling van overeenkomsten binnen je bedrijf aanzienlijk kunt verbeteren.

De gids voor bedrijven om zaken te doen tijdens het ‘nieuwe normaal’

COVID-19 treft bedrijfsonderdelen, organisaties en personen. DocuSign ondersteunt de wereldwijde strijd van bedrijven tegen de pandemie en helpt ze de bedrijfscontinuïteit te waarborgen door o.a. de afhandeling van essentiële overeenkomsten te digitaliseren en te versnellen. Ontdek meer in het eBook.

Alles wat je moet weten over elektronische handtekeningen

Stapels papier die nog ondertekend moeten worden, archiefkasten vol met papierwerk – dat is niet meer van deze tijd. Of papierwerk nu onderdeel is van het dagelijkse reilen en zeilen of niet, je bedrijf moet een digitale transformatie doormaken als je wilt blijven voldoen aan de verwachtingen van zowel je klanten als medewerkers. Papierloos werken is een essentieel onderdeel van de stap naar een digitale werkwijze. En de elektronische handtekening is hiervoor een belangrijk en veelgeprezen hulpmiddel. Elektronische handtekeningen zijn veilig en rechtsgeldig. Bedrijven die de elektronische handtekening al hebben geïmplementeerd, kunnen deze innovatieve technologie onderschrijven. In dit eBook legt DocuSign precies uit wat je allemaal moet weten voordat je aan de slag gaat met de elektronische handtekening.

2021 Global Workforce Trends

The future of work is here. What factors will affect growth, talent acquisition, and team management in 2021? From remote work becoming a mainstream way of doing business to talent shortages beginning to change the way companies build their teams, the global workforce will change rapidly this year. Download the eBook to learn:     • How global business growth will continue despite challenging circumstances.     • Which regions and markets will rebound quickly, and which are sources of great talent.     • Why remote work is the new normal, and what employees will expect going forward.

How to Make the Hybrid Model Work for Your Team

Can you give your employees the best of both worlds? According to the Future Forum research, 72 percent of employees said they never want to go back to the traditional way of working and expect a hybrid-remote office model going forward. Research has shown that when executed correctly, hybrid working models can allow companies to recruit better talent, achieve innovation, and build a flexible, productive future. However, to make a successful transition to the hybrid model, companies must build a strong corporate culture and select a hybrid model that works best for their workforce. Download the eBook to learn more about:     • What the hybrid model of work is     • How to choose the right hybrid model for your company     • How Globalization Partners’ technology can enable a hybrid game plan

CFOs See a Clear Pathway to Growth Through Global Expansion

CFOs See an Optimistic Future Through Adopting a New Global Hiring Approach That is one finding of a survey conducted by CFO Research of Industry Dive and Globalization Partners polling senior finance executives from companies in North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. The majority of CFOs reported that the coronavirus pandemic fundamentally altered the way they think about hiring and workforce management — 81 percent said it transformed how they consider remote employees and the work-from-anywhere model. How has this shift in thinking impacted predictions for business growth and goals for 2021 and beyond? Download the report now to learn:     • Why CFOs believe success is tied to global expansion.     • How finance leaders plan to incorporate the work-from-anywhere model.     • How CFOs think differently across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

The Future of CIAM: 4 Trends Shaping Identity and Access Management

Life moves fast—but we all know that technology moves even faster. The solutions we used a year ago won’t necessarily work today, at least not in their original form. At the same time, customer expectations are more refined than ever before, with many accustomed to the seamless digital experiences from leaders such as Amazon, Apple, and Netflix. But it’s not just how someone engages with a platform that matters. Today’s consumers also expect companies to protect their personal information—in a way that doesn’t disrupt how they use an application or service. It’s no longer enough for businesses to authenticate customers with just a username and password. They have to stay ahead of the curve, employ the latest digital technologies, and create experiences that are as secure as they are enjoyable.

Secure Remote Work Toolkit

Remote Workforce for Success. Enabling large workforces to securely work from home requires a very specific set of tools. Here’s how to safely empower your teams. Okta lays out the tools your teams need, and the top-tier software partners that easily integrate these capabilities together into a simple, secure solution you can stand up quickly.

Acabe com o atraso nos contratos e feche negócios mais rapidamente

O profissionais de vendas são mais eficazes quando equipados com as melhores ferramentas. Fluxos de trabalho eletrônicos habilitados para dispositivos móveis estão se tornando essenciais para otimizar a eficiência e fornecer às equipes uma real flexidade no dia-a-dia.

LGPD: tudo o que você precisa saber sobre proteção de dados

Quatro anos após a entrada em vigor do Regulamento Geral de Proteção de Dados Europeu (GDPR, na sigla em inglês) na Europa, chegou a vez do Brasil contar com sua própria Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados. Iniciativa que eleva o patamar do Brasil mundialmente no tema, a LGPD regula as bases para o tratamento de dados com maior transparência para os indivíduos e mais segurança e confiabilidade para as empresas. Para ajudar empresas e negócios, a DocuSign criou em conjunto com o time da Opice Blum, renomado escritório de advocacia, este ebook com todas as informações que você precisa sobre LGPD.

The Total Economic Impact of DocuSign CLM – BR Portuguese.

Para pesquisar o efeito cumulativo de uma ferramenta moderna de gerenciamento do ciclo de vida do contrato, a DocuSign encomendou um estudo Total Economic Impact ™ da Forrester Consulting. Neste estudo, os clientes atuais do DocuSign CLM detalham as formas como seus fluxos de trabalho melhoraram e os resultados diretos dessas mudanças. No geral, as entrevistas com clientes e análises financeiras descobriram que uma organização composta usando DocuSign CLM experimenta um ROI de 356% com economia significativa de redução de custo, tempo e risco.

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